Pets are Family Part #2

I hope this finds you well today. I promised a few weeks back to tell the amazing story of how our family was gifted Miss Lucy Pug.

When our kids were little we had a Pug named Missy.  She was the sweetest thing. Arriving at our home at just 8 weeks old, she stole our hearts. Many years of sweet memories made with her in our family. I remember one time I caught my son Samuel laying in her crate with her….lol

Missy was a part of our family for 9 years before she died. When that happened I never wanted another dog. We loved her so much that losing Missy, left a huge hole in ALL our hearts. We cried when she died. I was absolutely heart broken. Never wanted another dog ever. Yes, I absolutely said that.

Just a few short years ago my husband was working at a friend’s home for about a week. They have many animals and my husband loves animals & they love him. That goes for kids too.

Well, as he was working this female pug was sitting next to him while he worked and she was just the sweetest thing. Abby took the time to talk & pay attention to her.

Our friend’s daughter watched the interaction between Lucy and Abby. One day as Abby was nearing the end of the job, our friend’s daughter asked Abby if we would like to have Lucy. She felt that Lucy was not able to get the attention she needed.

Of course he said, “YES!” Abby called me up and proceeded to tell me what happened and that he was bringing Lucy home. So, I told my husband to text Hannah (our daughter) and I would film the whole event of her getting the text. She just cried her eyes out and my son Sam was in complete shock.

Yes, Lucy has been the biggest blessing to our family. She did really well last year with the cross country move with us to east Tennessee.

Pets are a big part of our lives and my husband has been looking for another dog the last few months. We are looking for a young Frenchie. Might as well get the number of dogs even with the 2 sister kitties we have already. The more the merrier I say…lol

Surprise, surprise!

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