Christmas Is Coming

Well, I had to go and say it didn’t I…lol!! Christmas is really is coming up quick. Only 2 months till we are with friends and family and enjoy this special time of the year.

The other day I happened to mention to my daughter, “Hey I need you to start your Christmas list so I can start shopping.” Her reply, “Mom sure. Though I’ve been shopping since March, you better get with it.” Just imagine her with a funny snarky tone then laughing out loud. We do laugh a lot in our household. That is a good thing I believe don’t you?

Yep, even at the ages of 10 and 17, I still ask my young adult children to make a Christmas list every single year. Most likely, I will ask them still when they move out, get married and have kids. What are your thoughts on having your kids or other family members fill out a Christmas list?

Here’s a good story: When I was a kid my mom would always shop pretty much year round. Ummm…That’s why I have my family write a list & usually shop super early. Anyway, I would help her shop and put most of the things away until Christmas. My mom was frugal, she would ask my sisters and I for a list, then find things on sale and put them away. Of course I would not go shopping with her when she was buying my presents…lol.

There were times when Christmas was arriving and it was time for her to wrap presents. On several occasions my mom totally forgot where she put some of the presents. No joke at all…he he he.

Well, mom and I would start looking in ALL over the house and the closets. On one occasion we never did find the presents until after Christmas. Mom had put several bags in our travel trailer. Can you hear me laughing out loud while typing this? Oh, totally am laughing at this hilarious memory.

So, if you happen to shop early or year round….Make a list of where you put your presents. Yes, this works. I do this myself. Though, this year and last year due to our cross country move to east Tennessee did not happen.

2020 has been an interesting year due to Covid (plandemic in my opinion) and so many things were shut down.

So, let’s talk about Hobby Lobby. Love that store like no other. We have one locally where we live now in Tennessee. In 2019, we noticed that that amazing store starts putting up Christmas stuff in July. Yep, Christmas in July.

At first my kids and I were like….Hmmmm this is interesting. Different but interesting. They have the neatest Christmas offerings for everyone. Personally LOVE the huge variety of ornaments. In our home I give my husband and kids an ornament in their stocking every single year. My thoughts are that when they move out of our home and have their own place, they will have their own stash of Christmas ornaments to adorn their tree.

Now let’s talk about when you begin to pull out all those boxes of Christmas decorations. You may have your boxes stored in the attic, basement or even a storage place. The excitement of bringing out those boxes filled with so many memories that you will put up on your Christmas tree is a blessing. Maybe, your family helps you decorate your tree or you may do it yourself. Whichever tradition you have this is fantastic! For our family it’s the kids and I doing a majority of the tree and house decorating. My husband usually puts up a few ornaments and decorations that are special to him.

Since we have been working on our upgrader home for a little over a year now, I have not started my Christmas shopping yet. This weekend is when I am starting a bit of online ordering. Several gifts will be from my Young Living Christmas Catalog. Just easier for me and there are several smaller items to put in my family’s stockings.

Ordering online with Young Living, and other online outlets really saves me time. I am busy with homeschooling my son, daily chores, life in general and sharing with others better wellness options.

Are you beginning to do your Christmas shopping?

On Saturday October 17th  at 2pm EST over on my public Facebook page is my Christmas Catalog Reveal Event. It’s going to be fun and you could win some fun prizes that I will be giving away (U.S. residents only). Come on over a join this event. Looking forward to seeing you there.


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