New Seasons

Life brings many new seasons when you have children. My children are teenagers now. My daughter is 15 1/2 and my son is almost 14. The hormones are raging in these two and I am keeping calm and oiling on literally. I bet many of you who are reading this can relate to what I am saying.

In the last few months I have been using Peace and Calming 2 often in the diffuser along with a citrus oil. The combination of these two encourages calming and positive thoughts. This includes for me too. I do not leave myself out of the loop when I am using the oils with my kids.

We all as moms have days where the stitches in our day just begin to unravel as the minutes tick by. I want to make sure I am being the mom that God wants me to be. Not the mom in the photo. That is a very scary image. Prayer is a big part of my life also. Especially on the seam ripper days. Can you see yourself unraveling on those stressful days? We all have them if we have kids or not. The workplace can be very intense.


I love my kids and do not want to use chemical laden items on them which could cause even more issues with their behaviors when they are having hard days. You do know that many chemicals can cause body system issues don’t you? They can! Just take a gander at the list chemicals which do cause issues with our body systems. These are just a few of the main toxic chemicals which are in many products on the market.  I invite you to take a look at how natural choices for health and wellness support.