Pets – Part of The Family

My goodness, pets can sometimes just be the silliest family members. They can unroll toilet paper, jump on countertops, chase you and the kids around the house, curl up in your lap and purr or snore away the evening.

Growing up in a family of 5, we always had a cat or dog around. When I arrived at the age of 5 my parents let me get a kitten from our neighbor. I instantly named him Sammmy Davis Junior Capdeville. Yeah, what a name for my little man cat. Then, just a few years later we found our dog Lucky. He was a half Lab & German Shepherd.

I remember my dad saying to me that he just tolerated Sam cat. Oh yeah, not even close…lol. I caught my dad on many occasions feeding him under the kitchen table while we were eating. Oh my word!! Regarding Lucky, dad would let him sit in him lap! He was a huge dog!!

When our family moved from Camarillo the summer of 1986, our pets came with us. There was no way we were leaving them behind.

These two wonderful pets of ours lived very long lives. Sam lived 20 years and Lucky close to 16 years. I remember each day vividly when I got the call that Sam and Lucky died. My parents were crying and I was too. We talked about all the wonderful memories we had. As I look as these photos I have precious memories of my parents and our pets. They all are gone now.

My dad and Lucky dog.
A very young Carol (me) and Sam

Before we sold our home in Calfornia, my husband and I told our daughter that she could get “A” kitten after we were settled in our new home in Tennesse. Well, we ended up letting her have “2” kittens. How that happened was a very funny story.

Miss Fitz
Miss Simmons

Hannah, I believe mentioned someting about getting “A” kitten after we moved to our friend. My long time friend Terri said, “Oh you have to get 2 kitties to keep each other company.” All I could do was laugh, she was totally right. We ended up getting kitten that our friends told us about here in Tennessee. Someone had dumped a pregnant mama kitty off at their home. So our girls Fitz & Simmons who are sisters (our daughter named them…lol) are now a year old and enjoy a life of being throughly spoiled.

I bet you have pets currently or had special ones, and can think of “ALL” the wonderful moments you have experienced in your lifetime with them.

We do have a wonderful puggy girl named Lucy and I will introduce you to her and how we were gifted this little girl in another post. Lucy’s story will make you cry.

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