Seasons Of Change

I have been alive long enough to have seen many seasons of change. Babies being born, loved ones die, war, weddings and so much more. Currently I and the world are witnessing first hand strange changes.

As a whole I have had to learn that change in our short lived lives is inevitable. We truly are not in control of our lives. Knowing that God is sovereign and in complete control of all the good and bad that goes on in our lives.

Sometimes it’s hard to have an understanding of why these odd things are happening. It’s okay not to have an understanding. This helps me get my focus back on the Lord and choose to dig deeper into his word.

Our family has had to walk through many hard situations in our lives. Over the years the situations have not been easy. Looking back from this point today brings some light to the situations. I have learned to grow through them. Who do I truly need to depend on? Of course it must be Christ alone.

Many years ago I would fall apart. Now, I seem to not care too much anymore. My time on this earth is limited and who do I need to fully trust. Sure, there is stress at times. Though, not to the extent like it used to be. It’s like I’m so done with crap. Instead of angry it seems to be more of aggravation to where I have no problem just walking away and saying that out loud.

The United States of America is in a hard place. Growing pains as I can see. Social Media has gone bonkers in more ways than one. I have made a change regarding some of my Social Media. Chosen to stay because of homeschool & business groups. Recently I left so many groups. I just don’t have the desire to be part of anymore. Actually not short blogging on some media platforms anymore. It’s nice to have the freedom to do this.

Currently, my personal life is in a state of change. For the better I may say. Why?? Because when God nudges me in another season of change, I have learned to embrace it with every ounce of my being. Sure it can be exciting, scary, interesting and downright strange. It causes me to stop and start asking for clarity in the direction the Lord wants me to go. Sometimes it’s just be still and know that I am God.

I feel my season of change is going to be very quiet for our family. What does that actually mean? Not sure. Though I am choosing to embrace it with every part of my being. Choosing to be calm and at peace through it.

Have you thought how you embrace those seasons of change? If so I would love to hear what steps your taking.


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