The Stresses of Life

October has arrived & my heart and mind are filled with a wide range of emotions. My family and I are officially celebrating our second fall season! Yep, Tennessee is extremely beautiful this time of the year. Actually it’s beautiful year round.

We have 4 distinct seasons and the hubby and my young adult kids just love it!!

Back to the topic of now we are in the month of October…..This month is really hard for me. October 19th will be 20 years (yep, say it again…20 years) since our oldest son Steven died.

My emotions run from thankfulness for the love I have for my family and children that God has with me here on this earth and that sharp pain of deep sadness.

I’m just being completely open with y’all.

A little over six years ago, I began looking into and using my essential oils for supporting my emotions in this area of loss. I have always leaned on the LORD completely to walk me through my loss.

Some of the oils I really like to use are:

Aroma Life


Stress Away


 These 4 oils bring feelings of peace, connection, energizing, positive attitude, refocus, and relaxation.

Yep, there are moments in my life when I need these oils all at one. One drop each for me works great.

There are seasons in everyone’s life where we have those stressful moments and need a bit of wellness support for ourselves.

I hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks for stopping by. Follow me and would love to answer questions you have. Talk to you soon.


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