Why I Love Fall!


I grew up in a small city called Camarillo California. Well, it used to be. Now a little over 30 years later it is not so small. As a kid and to this day Fall is my very favorite time season of the year.

I loved cracking my window open just a tiny bit, when we had rains. Everything smelled so amazing. The next morning the sun would be shining and the weather warmer. When the days grew closer to Thanksgiving, I would help my mom pull our favorite recipes out, get the shopping done and prepare our home to have family and guests over for this very special day.

This may sound crazy, I can smell fall in the air. I really can! Now as an adult with children I still get that excited feeling deep inside of me to prepare for Fall. We have a few tubs of decorations we pull out and decorate the house with. This year, my sweet hubby brought home a super cute Mr. Turkey. I try to create an atmosphere within my family of more relaxation. Get our thoughts together of what we want to do OR not do for the upcoming holidays.

During the last 2 1/2 years, I break out my Fall diffusing scents. Here is one I use every year.

Fall Leaves Recipe

Your Young Living Diffuser

6 Drops Orange essential oil*

2 Drop Patchouli essential Oil*

1 Drop Ginger Essential Oils*

*I only recommend Young Living Essential due to their Seed To Seal quality and guarantee


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